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Improve your position.

We create effective value propositions and build productive relationships with key decision-makers.  We do this by applying strong credentials, industry knowledge, and proven methodologies fine-tuned over many years.

Solution, Market & Opportunity Analysis.

We help companies formulate smart questions, uncover the answers that matter, and convert them into action.

Value Propostion, Brand & Message Development.

We cut through the noise and simplify complexity to create effective brands and messaging strategies.

Channel & Distribution, Insights & Development.

We apply strong credentials to build productive relationships with C-suite decision-makers.

You don’t drift to success.

Everyone wants to improve the business. But for too many executives, it’s a wish rather than a decision. This is step one. Decide to improve and determine to deal with the pain of change that goes with making those improvements. This is something we can’t do for you. Neither can any one else. But when you decide to make that change, we can help you make the reward worth the pain.

It’s not the answers. It’s the questions.

It’s a part of TQM lore that you have to ask “Why?” five times before you get to an action item. Sometimes, it’s more than that. Because we’ve asked a lot of questions and evaluated a lot of answers, we can help you get to the place where you need to take action, peeling away the superficial layers. This is a necessary step in determining what it means to improve.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know if you got there.

Writing real objectives is an art. If it’s impossible, it’s not an objective. If you can’t measure it, it’s not an objective. And if accomplishing it doesn’t make your business measurably better, it’s probably not worth doing. This is another part of the process that we can help you with — creating objectives and devising valid methods for measuring them.

If you want answers, you go to where the answers are.

It’s amazing how many companies look for the answers to marketplace questions in their conference rooms. The answers to marketplace questions are usually where you would expect them to be. In the marketplace. In the heads of your customers. Or perhaps in the heads of your customers’ customers. Our research services can provide you with a clearer view of the landscape — and help you chart the most efficient course through it.

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