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Peter Cresse is a technology executive who has led both major commercial and startups, internationally and domestically. At Fortune 50 firms such as GE, GTE, Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco), and Intelsat. Peter led revenue-focused programs for innovative technology offers. For startups, Peter grew business in partnership with clients – streaming for Inlet (Cisco), data integration for CloverDX, Logistics IOT for UtopiaTrans, and data visualization for the Entropy social media platform.


Peter’s collaboration with Dietrich spans some of these efforts as well as new growth business in the area of cybersecurity, analytics, 5G, and Progressive Web App (PWA) development.

Peter received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts and his master’s degree from Central Michigan University. He also served in leadership technology roles as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. Peter has worked and lived internationally in Tokyo, London, and Frankfurt, with extensive business travel in over 50 countries worldwide, with network experience in the Middle East, Latin America, and Russia, to name a few.

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